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hilly regions spread out between the north and south midlatitudes, according to the statement from NASA. The streaks appear during warm seasons and shrink or disappear during winter. Similar features on Earth are only caused by "seeping water," officials said in the statement, but "how they form in the dry Martian environment remains unclear." The new study offers an alternative explanation to flowing water. When sand and other granular materials are lumped into piles, the material locks into place until the pile reaches a certain height. At that point, some of the grains begin to slip and flow smoothly down the sides, forming rivulets. Those rivers of material could appear darker than the material around them, according to the statement, and thus could explain the RSL. And there's another key piece of evidence that the authors point to in support of this hypothesis: For a given type of granular material (such as sand), there is a specific angle at which those rivulets can form, and it's known as the "angle of repose." The authors show that the RSL that have been observed so far only appear on hillsides that reach the angle of repose for sand dunes. If the RSL sites were created by water, the authors postulate that these features should also